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Jar of Stars (formerly, Cookies for Cancer Project) is a fundraising effort that started one weekend without thought. Because when tragedy happens, you don't think, you just act. A family was in need to raise money for their daughter who was fighting cancer, and I had little extra funds to give. Instead of giving the only pennies I had to them, I turned those pennies into baked goods through my company, and was able to raise nearly $1,000 for that family. Giving felt good. 

Because I want this effort to be long lasting, I wanted to pick a name for it that meant something important to me. Jar of Stars has been floating in my head forever, and this was the right role for it. When I was pregnant with my first son, a coworker had hand-folded 1,000 tiny little origami stars and gifted them to me in this beautiful jar. She said they brought luck to the recipient. But moreover, the number of stars that were contained in the jar had a special meaning. Because my jar had 1,000 stars, it meant "Never regret for loving you forever and ever". It held special meaning for me with my first born child. And the jar continues to sit in his room, bringing luck to us as we are blessed with each day. 

I choose to spread awareness for Pediatric Cancer not only because it is funded so little (Pediatric Cancer research receives less than 5% of cancer funds), but because it affects our children. The ones we will NEVER ever regret loving, no matter if they are in our lives for 1 year, 6 years, or until old, old, age. They are forever worth fighting for, and for this, I will forever fight for them.


I've been honored, though saddened, to be able to give back to families that are close to my heart and my community. One that is a local family in Gilroy, CA, and another, a family in SLC, Utah who is the niece of one of my good friends here in town. These families are fighting cancer with their children, and unfortunately, not all families win the fight. Please read about these children and their families that I will continue to help:

Jennifer Kranz (www.love4JLK.orgBailie Erwin (www.caringbridge.com PW: BailieErwin) 


I'm not the only baker that wants to give back though. In 2014, Cookies for Cancer Project teamed up with other bakers who volunteered their time and talent to auction and sell cookies and other delicious treats in honor of this cause. It's amazing what partnership can do.


If you want to help and contribute at any time, please email me at snickerdoodleinfo@gmail.com

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