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    Craving cookies? Each month we'll be offering a selection of cookies to mix and match your own cookie box delivery. Choose from traditional favorites like our famous Snickerdoodle and Chocolate Chipper, to new favorites like our Fudge Chipper, Jojo's Birthday Cake, and Toffee Crunch! Each month will offer a different selection to choose from! You'll get to choose up to 3 varieties per box (4 of each selection). Box of 12 freshly baked! OR, don't need them right away, but want to have them in your freezer? Select the Freezer Box and receive 15 balls of pre-scooped dough (5 of each variety selected), ready to bake on your own time!  As an added bonus, we will hand-deliver your cookies - Gilroy, San Martin, and Morgan Hill residents only. All other purchases will have to be picked up at this time until we are able to extend our delivery area and/or ship. No shipping at this time. Sorry!Cookies:Snickerdoodle- our namesake cookie is a light and fluffy vanilla bean base dough rolled in cinnamon and sugar Jojo’s Birthday Cake- our daughter’s favorite! Our fluffy vanilla bean base dough loaded with colorful sprinkles! Chocolate Chipper- our chocolate chip cookie is loaded with flavor! Rich brown sugar based butter dough with lots of semi sweet and dark chocolate chips. Toffee Crunch- our chocolate chipper loaded with crunchy bits of toffee Peanut Butter Chipper- a soft and fluffy peanut butter cookie loaded with peanut butter cups and chocolate chips Fudge Mint Chipper- a thick and chewy fudge cookie with chocolate mint pieces Oatmeal CinnaRaisin- a classic with a soft and chewy bite! Cinnamon and plump raisins in our brown sugar based oatmeal dough. White Chocolate Macademia- a thick and chewy brown butter vanilla dough loaded with white chocolate chunks and toasted macadamias. Rich, sweet, and a little salty! 

    Cookies will be delivered to Gilroy, San Martin, and Morgan Hill residents on the dates available for selection.

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